Swimmer Handbook


Swim Club Code of Conduct

AHA strives to provide an environment that fosters good sportsmanship and personal best. Swimmers, coaches and parents are expected to work together and encourage (fellow) swimmers to attain their optimum level of achievement in a positive and uplifting atmosphere.

Expectations for swimmers and their families;

  • Respect and cooperate with coaches, officials and pool staff
  • Look after club property and equipment
  • Never scold or ridicule and child of fellow club member for making a mistake or for making a lower placement in a competition.
  • Always demonstrate good behaviour and a positive attitude when representing your club (this includes meets and travel)
  • Coaches will  set and enforce the rules for swimmers, parents will be informed if there is a problem
  • Swimming should be fun, no child should be forced to swim
  • Coaches are in charge on the deck and during practice, any questions or concerns can be raised before or after practice. Concerns may also be voiced to the parent/coach liaison.
  • Coaches need to be informed of any and all supplemental coaching
  • Swim meets are a busy time for coaches, whenever possible save all non-essential questions or comments until the next practice.
  • Offer praise to all swimmers that compete fairly and put in good effort. Personal improvement is as important as winning.
  • AHA is run by volunteers, pitching in to do any job (no matter how big or how small) makes a huge impact on the overall success and morale of the club.
  • Always respect volunteers and officials, they are all parents doing their best. Concerns should be voiced to club executives and not to the volunteers themselves.
  • Concerns should always be raised in a positive and constructive manner. If you have further concerns then contact the parent/coach liaison.
  • The BCSSA has a harassment policy, AHA supports and abides by this policy. All harassment should be reported to the parent/coach liaison.
  • Lastly, we are all ambassadors for the AHA Swim Club and should always project an image that we can all be proud of.

Parents Role
At practices and meets parents are responsible for the behaviors and attitudes of their child (when they are not on deck or in the water only, coaches will assume responsibility during those times).  The code of conduct is to be observed and demonstrated to maintain a positive and rewarding experience for swimmers and families alike!

Parents are an essential part of the AHA Swim Club! Parents are asked to participate actively in the Club, and to attend the Annual General Meeting. Without parents, there would be no summer swimming! Summer swim clubs are solely volunteer, parent-run organizations.

We welcome volunteers to head jobs such as executive positions, apparel orders, season open BBQ, fundraising etc. If you interested in volunteering within our club please speak to an executive member to find your niche.

Parents are asked to put in at least one shift at any swim meet they attend. A volunteer shift can be as simple as one or two shifts as a timer or if you are up to a challenge stroke & turn judges are always needed. Each club is given a lane for the day and it is our responsibility to keep that lane manned for the day.

The Kristy Hatt Memorial Swim Meet is our own meet and the one meet we need the most help! There are a variety of jobs over the weekend with varying time commitments and responsibilities. This meet is an essential fundraiser for our club as it is one the largest expenditures. These meets are a lot of fun and are a great place to get to know other AHA families.

Regular Season Swim Meets
Parents are required to put in a volunteer shift at every meet their child attends (this is one of the ways summer swim clubs keep fees down). A volunteer shift can be as simple as one or two shifts as a timer, or judging stroke & turn if you need more of a challenge! Each club is given one lane to man with timers for each day, so it’s our clubs’ responsibility to keep that lane staffed with volunteer timers.

Agassiz Swim Meet
It is anticipated that all parents help at our very own, Kristy Hatt Memorial Swim Meet (even if their children are not swimming competitively).  The Fraser Valley summer swim clubs have a reciprocal agreement, meaning that each club will host one meet throughout the season which allows every swimmer to attend these meets at no additional cost! Of all the volunteering opportunities, this is the one where we need the most help!  There are a variety of jobs over the weekend; helping set up the pool deck, collecting fees from our campers, selling programs, manning the silent auction table, preparing food for deck volunteers, marshaling, tear down, etc.  This swim meet is one of the clubs biggest events and one of the biggest expenditures of the swim season, it’s a lot of work but a lot of fun too!

 Awards Celebration
At the end of the season, our club holds the Annual Awards Celebration to recognize the achievements of all our swimmers.  This is a fun event where trophies are not only awarded for outstanding performances but a variety of fun awards as well. The Annual General Meeting is usually held at this time, with election of officers for the new fiscal year.

 Staying Informed

  •  Join our group page on Facebook; AHA SwimClub 
  • If you have provided an email address, look for email reminders and updates.
  • BC Summer Swimming website www.bcsummerswimming.com is a wealth of information; calendar of events, swim meets, teams, meet packages, age locator, race procedures and swim strokes are just some of the things you can find there.


Concerns or Complaints
In any community group, problems can arise. Ideally, these problems are dealt with quickly and directly. As soon as possible, take your concerns to the parent/coach liaison or President. The situation will then be dealt with openly and diplomatically with a positive end resolution in mind. Whenever you have a criticism or complaint always try to couple it with a solution.

Click here for FAQ from the BCSSA.